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Keensert™ Threaded Inserts at Empire Bolt & Screw

Keensert™ Threaded Inserts are an excellent option when the need for an easily installed thread repair is needed.  They require no special installation tool, just a standard drill and tap.  An added benefit of Keensert™ Threaded Inserts is their ease of removal, consisting of simply drilling out the internally-threaded insert material and utilizing a standard screw extractor to completely remove the original insert, allowing the original tapped hole to be re-used with a new insert.  Keensert™ Threaded Inserts are available in a wide variety of sizes, both inch and metric.  They will provide a low-strength material with a high strength, durable threaded joint.  They are the ideal solution in a vast number of industries including electronics, aerospace, and automotive. 

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