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We serve a multitude of industries, and while we maintain a large inventory of standard products on our shelves, we excel at customization capabilities. That might be a special bolt finish, unique screw coating, or a made-to-print custom machined part. We do it all.

Empire Bolt's Certified Fastener Specialist™ Graduates

Continuing education of our staff is a critical benefit to the value-add they provide our customer partners. Moreover, we embrace the belief that the empowerment of education cannot be overstated in the personal growth of our employees as informed, well-rounded individuals.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." -- Benjamin Franklin

Empire Bolt & Screw has partnered with world-class manufacturers and master distributors around the globe to provide products that are consistently reliable in both quality and availability.  Our in-house Quality Assurance Inspection Laboratory insures that both off-the-shelf standard items and any custom to-print product conforms to all dimensional tolerances, whether industry standards or your own custom callouts.

At Empire Bolt & Screw, products are only half of the story of what sets us apart.

Service is where we really gain traction against the competition. We excel in problem-solving and creating solutions. Our in-house Mechanical Engineer is available to help solve a design issue. Perhaps a Vendor Managed Inventory System might be your solution to improve product availability. And our Quality Assurance Inspection Laboratory guarantees product conformity to eliminate costly line-down situations due to product failure.

Our Leadership Team

Empire Bolt & Screw has been family-owned since 1972, proud members of our beautiful Spokane community. Our people are the source of our strength, reinforcing our corporate intelligence, reputation and vitality. Employee development and enrichment are at our core. We want customers to want to do business with us, and we believe our employee team is our greatest asset in that endeavor.

We think y​ou will believe it, too.