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A490 Structural Bolts

Founded in 1972, Empire Bolt has supplied industrial and commercial customers with high-quality fasteners and industrial products for decades. Our commitment to integrity and personalized customer service has been the foundation of our business since the beginning.

Are you looking for a fastener distributor that can supply your heavy-duty A490 bolts and other fastening products? Empire Bolt & Screw is here for you! Browse our inventory below and request for a quote for your A490 structural bolt needs today.

Characteristics & Common Applications for A490 Bolts

A490 bolts are manufactured to withstand substantial loads. Due to their high strength, these bolts are commonly employed in load-bearing applications requiring a high degree of structural integrity. A490 bolts are used in bridges, buildings, industrial facilities, and other heavy-duty applications.

A490 Bolts Structural Bolts at Empire

At Empire, we supply heavy-duty A490 bolts manufactured in the USA. With grade options including Type 1 A490 bolts, Type 3 A490 bolts, and A490 TC bolts, we can supply you with the best A490 structural bolts for your application.

A490 TC Bolts & A490 Bolt Grade Options

  • Type 1 A490 Bolts: Type 1 A490 bolts are manufactured from alloy steel and quenched & tempered to achieve the desired hardness. 
  • Type 3 A490 Bolts: Type 3 A490 bolts are manufactured from weathering steel. While the strength properties mimic those of Type 1, the addition of copper, chromium, and nickel provides exceptional corrosion protection, making this the preferred material for use in extreme element conditions.
  • A490 TC Bolts: A490 TC bolts are tension control bolts that come in a set with a nut and washer. A490 TC bolts are installed using a special tension control shear wrench, resulting in accurate and repeatable tension. TC bolts' ease of installation and precise preloading make them popular in construction applications.

Ordering Options for A490 Bolts

Need washers and nuts with your A490 structural bolts? We offer ordering options for A490 bolts so you can get the right products for your unique application. You can order just the bolts, or you can include the nuts and washers along with the bolts bundled together.

Your Source for A490 TC Bolts & Other Industrial Products

At Empire, we make it easy for our customers to get the best fasteners for their jobs, including A490 bolts for heavy-duty construction and structural applications. Our ready-to-ship inventory includes standard and hard-to-find fasteners, adhesives, paints, hand tools, manufacturing hardware, and much more, meaning we can deliver your products with minimal order turnaround. We offer customization capabilities for specialized fasteners and a wide range of high-performance coatings and finishes. With personalized VMI services to keep your inventory stocked, Empire is your one-stop source for fasteners and industrial supplies.

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Contact us to learn Empire can supply your A490 bolts and other fastening product requirements. For pricing information on special orders, request a quote online. Choose Empire Bolt & Screw for all your industrial fasteners and supplies.