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Cup & Knurled Point Socket Set Screws

Socket Set Screws are headless screws, fully threaded from end to end.  They contain a hex (socket) drive on one end and a specific type of point on the other.  Socket Set Screws are found in many assemblies containing rotating features such as wheels, collars, gears or pulleys, where these components need to be locked onto a shaft. Socket Set Screws provide that locking mechanism.  They work by exerting compressional force through the screw point to prevent movement between the object and the shaft.  They are available in a wide range of diameters, lengths and materials, as well as point styles.  The application itself typically determines the most appropriate point style.  Considerations in point selection may include materials involved, the relative hardness of components, the frequency of adjustment or disassembly, along with many other factors.

Features of Cup Point Socket Set Screws

The Cup Point Socket Set Screw is the most common point style available.  It has a slightly indented cup at the point, whose edges meet the surface of the inner object, typically a shaft of some type.  The edge of the Cup Point digs into the mating surface to prevent slippage.  It can be used in permanent or semi-permanent installations, and soft or hard materials, making it extremely versatile.

Features of Knurled Cup Point Set Screws

Knurled Cup Point Set Screws have a knurled pattern occurring on the outer cup edges, which improves locking ability and provides good resistance to vibrational forces.

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