The goal of any successful Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is to ensure the customer an uninterrupted supply of product while simultaneously eliminating unnecessary overstocked inventory.

VMI is a collaborative process between supplier and customer, and it is one that Empire Bolt takes very seriously. We have perfected our supply chain processes over time and through extensive industry experience. We can alleviate your procurement challenges with Class C components and eliminate tedious and impractical activities from your busy schedule. Your time is money, and we know how to save you both.

How Empire Bolt & Screw VMI Solutions Help

In a VMI relationship with Empire Bolt, we assume the role of inventory manager for your Class C components. This includes:
  • Oversight of all key inventory functions, from ordering, to replenishment, and ultimate delivery to your bins.
  • Continuous monitoring of your usage forecasts, order quantities, replenish points, as well as real-time inventory levels to provide the most informed and immediate response to your manufacturing needs. 
You will receive parts exactly -- and ONLY – when they are needed for your production.

What Makes a Qualified VMI Partner

Empire Bolt & Screw offers our extensive distribution expertise in helping to establish successful and mutually beneficial VMI solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) customers.

With over 40 years in industrial distribution, Empire Bolt is uniquely qualified in partnering with OEM’s to seamlessly and accurately oversee the availability of production parts on the manufacturing floor. Our proven VMI strategy removes dangerous unpredictability from your supply chain.

Call us today to inquire more about Empire Bolt & Screw’s Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions.