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A307 Grade A & B Hex Bolts and Grade 2 Hex Cap Screws

A307 Grade A Hex Bolts are very common fasteners found in manufacturing, repair and construction industries worldwide.  They are used to fasten 2 or more parts together in an assembly that may require future repair or maintenance disassembly.  Their six-sided hex head allows for a more substantial bearing and wrenching surface than what socket products or machine screws can provide, thereby making them the clear choice in many complex and heavy duty applications. 
A307 Grade A Hex Bolts are manufactured from low or medium carbon steel.  With a proof load of 33,000 PSI and minimum tensile strength of 60,000 PSI, they are intended for general engineering applications only.  Call Empire Bolt & Screw or send us a Request for Quote on your A307 Grade A Hex Bolt needs today.