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Closed-End Rivets at Empire Bolt & Screw

“Closed-End” Blind Rivets are tubular fasteners intended for installations where only 1 side of the joined component is accessible, hence the term “blind”.  They are inserted into pre-drilled holes in each of the parts to be joined, and a special tool is used to draw the rivet mandrel up through the body of the rivet.
“Closed-End” Rivets expand and deform around the blind side of the component when the mandrel is pulled through the rivet body. The mandrel head is retained securely inside the rivet body, eliminating the possibility of the mandrel working itself into an assembly where it could cause electrical shorts or other unwanted issues.  Additionally, the retained mandrel acts as a tight seal to block the passage of fluids and gases into the rivet body.  Closed-End Blind Rivets are commonly available in a domed head profile as well as a countersunk head, and a wide variety of materials and sizes.

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