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Wire at Empire Bolt & Screw

Wire is simply the means by which electricity is channeled to its desired endpoint.  It is available as either solid (a solid piece of aluminum or copper encased in an insulating jacket), or stranded (multiple strands of small diameter metal encased in an insulating jacket).  Both types are available in a variety of AWG (American Wire Gauge) sizes, and those sizes dictate the electrical load that the wire can successfully transport.  In considering the type to use, both carry their own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wires:

Solid Wire
  • Best choice when rigidity is required in an application
  • Resistant to damage, making it ideal in corrosive environments or rugged applications
  • Simple and inexpensive to manufacture
Stranded Wire
  • Malleability makes this wire the choice in motion applications, such as robotics
  • Complex circuit board routing is well suited to stranded wire
  • While initial cost is higher than solid wire, stranded wire may outlast solid wire which is subject to breakage with frequent bending
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