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Standard and Metric Lock Nuts

We offer a variety of lock nuts in nylon and metal for bulk ordering. Find your in stock option below or send us a Request for Quote on a custom project. 

Benefits of Bulk Lock Nuts

Nuts are prevalent in virtually every manufacturing, industrial, and construction setting in the world today.  However, there are many forces at play in these industries that would cause loosening of nuts and potential catastrophic failure of installations, were it not for the presence of Lock Nuts.  Lock Nuts, in the fastener industry, possess a feature that prevents the nut’s internal threads from becoming unscrewed from the mated external threads.  Those features may include things such as a nylon ring around the collar of the nut threads, a flange base with serrations that serve to dig into the mating material, a captivated lockwasher that is permanently integrated into the nut bearing surface, or some deformation of the internal nut threads.  All these features will prevent the loosening of a nut under various forces that are commonly found in manufacturing and industrial applications, thus securing the Lock Nut as a triumph over physics as well as indispensable around the world.