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Twist Drill Bits: Jobber, Mechanics/Stubby Length, Reduced Shank

Jobber Drills are the most common type of cutting tool available today.  These drill bits are identified by their long length in comparison to their diameter.  Jobber Drills have a length anywhere from 8-12 or 9-14 times the diameter.  They are available in a variety of size systems, including basic numbers (1 thru 80), letters (A thru Z), wire sizes, standard metric, and the most widely utilized, fractional.  

Types Of Drill Bits

Mechanics/Stubby Drills possess both a shorter flute length and shorter overall length than standard Jobber Drills.  That shortened length makes the Mechanics/Stubby Drills considerably stronger and less prone to breakage and shearing than a Jobber Drill.
Reduced Shank Drills are employed when cutting large diameter holes using power tools possessing a standard ½” drill chuck.  Care must be given when using these drills to avoid bending or shearing the reduced shank.
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