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Socket Screws for Precision Assembly Applications

Socket Screws are most widely utilized in applications with limited space and precision tolerances.  In the industrial fastener industry, they are unique and desirable in a variety of ways:
  • Their internal hex recess requires no external wrenching radius, as would be required for an equivalent size hex head screw. 
  • Socket Screws’ high alloy material translates to fewer screws required to achieve the same clamping force as with lower strength screws; fewer screws means lighter final assemblies and reduced cost.
  • The high strength alloy material ensures extreme durability and long life of the screw.
  • Socket Screws are extremely corrosion resistant, thanks to their standard black oxide finish.
  • They possess the tightest external thread fit class, 3A, ideal in precision assembly work demanding tight tolerances.

Socket Screws are available in Socket Head, Low Head, Flat Head, and Button Head styles.  Socket Shoulder Screws, Socket Set Screws, and Socket Pipe Plugs are 3 other common members of the Socket family.
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