Empire Bolt & Screw is your source for top quality OEM fasteners and products. We work with a diverse national and international manufacturer supply base to bring you standard and customized fasteners that are high quality and delivered on time and on budget.
Our customization capabilities give us the ability to work with any component or part for virtually any industry. If you are seeking a custom solution for your application, we can help. We offer custom fasteners for a wide range of industries including, but not limited to, those listed below. 
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Quality Custom and Standard Fasteners for a Range of Industries

Electronic Hardware

Empire Bolt & Screw is your source for electronic fastener solutions for electronics and PCB assembly including standoffs, captive panel screws, shoulder screws, spacers, thumb screws, jack screws and more. We work with electronic equipment manufacturers to deliver quality electronic hardware products and have the ability to assist with custom solutions.

Telecom Fasteners

The telecom industry requires fasteners that provide effective solutions for complex designs. Empire Bolt & Screw carries an inventory of standard telecom fasteners and will help source custom telecom fasteners based on your design specs.

Knife Hardware

We work with knife OEMs to deliver quality knife hardware for the manufacturing of custom cutlery as well as fixed and folding knives. We offer knife hardware solutions including standard and semi-standards, fasteners and springs, custom fasteners including locking elements, and custom packaging and labeling of knife hardware for manufacturing.

Concealed Weapon Holster Hardware

We offer manufacturers a range of hardware solutions including standard and custom screws, nuts, rivets and other fasteners for the assembly of concealed weapon holsters. Contact Empire Bolt & Screw for custom weapon holster hardware solutions in virtually any size, material, finish, or style.

Marine Equipment Fasteners

Boats, trailers, and other marine equipment require fasteners that can withstand exposure to moisture and other elements. We offer many different bolts, hex nuts, t-bolts, fender washers, self-drilling screws, and other standard and custom fasteners for the assembly and manufacture of marine products and components. We understand the necessity of specialty coatings, processes and materials that offer corrosion protection to help prevent or delay the formation of rust.

Construction Fasteners

We supply construction fasteners for industries involved in woodworking, masonry, drywall, plastic, sheet metal, and more. Our construction fastener offerings include concrete screws, deck screws, drywall screws, J-bolts, self-tapping screws, security screws, wood screws, and other fasteners that deliver the versatility and durability you need. We work with suppliers around the world to bring you construction fasteners that meet your exact needs and specifications.

Industrial Machinery Fasteners 

Empire Bolt & Screws carries a vast offering of fasteners that are used for a wide range of industrial machinery applications. We offer machine screws, anchors, bolts, nuts and washers in standard sizes and styles and provide custom machinery fasteners for applications with unique requirements as well as customized kits.

Door & Window Hardware

We offer door and window hardware in standard and custom sizes and will work with OEMs to create custom kitting solutions to help increase the efficiency of manufacturing and installing doors and windows. Empire Bolt & Screw carries in-stock door and window hardware and if we don’t have the size or style you need, we can work together on a custom solution.

Power Protection/Distribution/Fault Detection Equipment Hardware

Power Protection equipment manufacturers provide the utility industry with everything from power surge suppression equipment in cellphone towers to transmission and sub-station fault detection equipment and include specialized machine screws, custom parts, silicon bronze fasteners and more. We can supply your parts made to print as well as standard or modified fasteners.

Fasteners & Hardware for Commercial Lighting Manufacturers

Empire Bolt & Screw works with OEMs to provide the right fasteners and hardware for companies who are manufacturing commercial fixtures. In addition to a full line of standard fasteners, hardware, wire and connectors, we can supply a variety of custom parts for the production of your commercial lighting fixtures. We also offer custom kitting and packaging for all fasteners and hardware if assembly is required at the point of use.

We Offer Standard and Custom Fasteners for Any Industry

Empire Bolt & Screw partners with master distributors and high quality manufacturers to deliver the parts you need.  Each custom order is inspected by our in-house Dimensional Quality Assurance Laboratory to ensure you get the exact product you requested.