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Square Nuts at Empire Bolt & Screw

Square Nuts are 4-sided nuts, as opposed to the vastly more popular and prevalent 6-sided Hex Nuts.  Square Nuts have a flat bearing surface and a chamfered, washer-faced top.  With more material present in the bearing surface than Hex Nuts, Square Nuts provide a much larger area in contact with the mated component, thereby increasing resistance to loosening forces.  Another advantage of Square Nuts is the reduced likelihood of corners becoming rounded off after repeated assembly and disassembly, as Hex Nuts may be prone to do.  While the Square Nuts’ 4 sides offer excellent wrenching engagement, they also only offer wrench access every 90°, as opposed to Hex Nuts’ wrench access every 60°.  This is a notable reason why Hex Nuts have replaced Square Nuts in many of today’s industrial applications.  Square Nuts are available in both Standard and Heavy Patterns, and in a variety of materials and finishes.

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