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Thread Forming & Thread Cutting Screws

Thread Forming (or Thread Rolling) Screws form mating threads in the material into which they are driven by displacing that material so that it flows around the screw threads, creating a zero clearance fit.  Because of this exceptionally tight fit, lockwashers or other locking elements are generally not needed to prevent loosening. They are used in both metal and plastic applications, and the screws are available either blunt-tipped, lead point or pierce point.  The most common type of Thread Forming Screws are those with a Trilobular™ cross-sectional thread form, significantly reducing the friction between the screw and the mating material during the thread-forming process.

Benefits of Thread Forming Screws

  • Taptite® Thread Forming Screws are designed for metal applications and roll-form their own work-hardened machine screw threads, providing excellent resistance to vibrational loosening.
  •  Plastite® Thread Forming Screws are ideal for plastic applications as the pronounced, widely-spaced threads allow for deeper thread engagement in the plastic, resulting in enhanced holding capability.
  •  Hi-Low Thread Forming Screws offer another option for plastic applications.  The reduced minor diameter coupled with the double-lead high and low thread profile minimizes material displacement while providing exceptional positive engagement of the mated material. 

 Benefits of Thread Cutting Screws

Thread Cutting Screws are similar to Threa