Q:  How long has Empire Bolt & Screw been in business?
A:  We opened our doors in 1972.
Q:  Is Empire Bolt & Screw financially sound and stable enough to support my growing business:
A:  Absolutely.  Empire Bolt & Screw is privately held and 100% debt-free.  We choose both our vendor and customer partners wisely based on mutual, responsible financial principles.  Our customer base is diversified across many industries and we manage our growth so that no single customer represents more than 25% of our overall business.
Q:  Can Empire Bolt & Screw service my company that is located outside of the immediate Spokane, Washington area?
A:  Most definitely.  We have customers all across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. We are skilled at developing cost-effective supply chains all across the globe that maximize efficiency for our customer partners.
Q:  Is Empire Bolt & Screw a division of a larger company?
A:  Empire Bolt is a privately held S-Corporation.  We are proud to be one of the few remaining privately (and locally) owned fastener distributors in the greater Spokane, Washington area.  It allows us the ability to make immediate decisions and implement services instantly for our customers, eliminating the need for oppressive “corporate approval”.
Q:  How can Empire Bolt & Screw compete with the larger, more nationally visible fastener distributors?
A:  There are a multitude of ways we continually achieve a competitive edge and out-perform the national chains:
  • Empire Bolt & Screw is well-connected with our diverse supply chain, interacting directly with both international factories as well as the ownership of master industry suppliers here in the U.S.
  • We regularly attend industry trade shows and trainings to keep ahead of technological advances and innovative new products.
  • We regularly serve on industry leadership boards, hold executive positions, and attend conferences and sponsored events of many industry trade associations.  Member associations include National Fastener Distributors Association, Pacific-West Fastener Association, Specialty Tool & Fastener Distributors Association, Women in the Fastener Industry, and Fastener Training Institute.  Networking with other distributors grants us valuable insight into the health of our industry, relevant trends, and best practices of other distributors that could be valuable for our own customers.
  • Our size allows us the agility to be highly responsive to our customers’ changing needs.  Decisions are made easily and quickly as our staff has direct access to our executive team.
  • We retain our highly experienced employees.  50% of our staff has been with Empire Bolt & Screw on average for over 19 years.