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A193 B7 Bolts

Looking for a high-tensile alloy steel bolt that can withstand high temperatures and high-pressure environments? A193 B7 bolts are heavy-duty fasteners manufactured for use in industrial pipes, valves, pressure vessels, flanges, and other rugged applications. A193 B7 bolts feature high strength, fatigue resistance, and reliability, making them a popular choice for a wide range of industrial sectors, including heavy-duty construction, transportation, and more.

Your Source for A193 B7 Bolts for Commercial & Industrial Applications

At Empire Bolt & Screw, we supply premium A193 B7 bolts. With fast shipping and flexible bulk ordering options, we are your source for A193 bolts and other industrial fasteners at competitive prices. Contact us to learn more.


Characteristics of A193 B7 Bolts

Structural hex bolts feature larger heads than standard hex bolts. They are 1/8" wider than standard hex heads of the same diameter. This allows heavy hex bolts to bear against flanges and support work in high-pressure applications. The heavy hex heads are also thicker than standard hex bolts, which increases their strength and hold. They have high tensile strength and superior threading for secure connections. They are available in different materials designed for varying finishes and levels of corrosion resistance.

A193 B7 Bolt Advantages at a Glance

  • Larger, thicker heads than standard hex bolts
  • High tensile strength & yield strength
  • Good fatigue resistance
  • Good resistance to galling & seizing
  • Available in a variety of sizes and finishes

Material Information & Coating Options for A193 Bolts

Our A193 B7 bolts come standard with a plain finish heat-treated alloy steel, ideal for medium- to high-temperature applications. For jobs that require enhanced strength or corrosion resistance, we can supply B7 bolts with various coating and plating options, including phosphate coating, epoxy coatings, and more. Not sure if your application requires a special finish? Contact us to learn more about our custom finish options, and our staff will help you find the best coating for your B7 bolts.

Construction, Oil & Gas, & Other Industrial Applications for B7 Bolts

A193 B7 heavy hex bolts are manufactured for high-temperature and high-pressure applications. With exceptionally high strength, B7 bolts can withstand extreme working environments. Their increased hex head size offers a greater bearing surface for heavy-duty flange applications with more expansive areas. They can be used for industrial pipes, pressure vessels, and fittings. Heavy hex head bolts are utilized in various industries, including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Chemical Processing

Contact Us to Learn More About Our A193 Structural Bolts

Contact us to learn how we can supply all your B7 Grade A193 bolts. For pricing estimates on special orders, request a quote online. As a trusted industrial fastener supplier, we distribute additional bolts for a wide range of applications across rugged industries. Our team is prepared to help you find the right structural bolt for your specific requirements. With custom resources and high-quality products, Empire Bolt & Screw is your one-stop source for all your fastening needs.