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A193 Heavy Hex Bolts

A193 Heavy Hex Bolts are utilized in industrial pipes, valves, pressure vessels, fittings, and flanges.  The ASTM A193 specification covers a grade range of both ferritic steel and austenitic stainless steel bolting materials designed for high temperature or high pressure service.  Several grades are widely utilized in the petroleum industry and chemical processing of waste water.
The most common grades within this specification include:
  • A193 B7 - Alloy Steel; heat treated, quenched & tempered; used in medium to high temperature service
  • A193 B8 – Class 1 or Class 2 (hardened) Type 304 Stainless Steel; carbide solution treated;  used in corrosive environments
  • A193 B8M – Class 1 or Class 2 (hardened) Type 316 Stainless Steel; carbide solution treated; used in corrosive environments

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