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Button Head Metric Socket Screws

Button Head Socket Screws are the fastener of choice in high precision, high strength assemblies requiring a finely tooled appearance.  The rounded “Button” head possesses a broader bearing surface than the standard Socket Head Cap Screw, which allows for solid seating on the mating material.  Screws are available in stainless steel, black oxide, or zinc-baked platings. Choose from a wide range of sizes and lengths.

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Button Head Socket Cap Screws for High Precision Applications

Metric button socket cap screws are easily installed using a hex socket wrench, or Allen wrench, which is why they are also commonly referred to as allen button head bolts. Their tall, uniformly domed profile allows for excellent driver engagement.

Strength Benefits of Button Head Socket Screws

Between their alloy composition and heat treatment, these socket screws have the tensile and yield strength comparable to that of the next larger diameter of a common, low carbon steel, round head machine screw. As a result, fewer screws may be needed in a particular design to achieve specific clamp loads, meaning lighter assemblies and reduced costs.

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