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Cable Ties & Cable Tie Management Products at Empire Bolt & Screw

There is no industry that does not employ Cable Ties in some area or another.  They are truly one of the world’s most ubiquitous fasteners.  Originally designed for securing airline wire harnesses, their versatility has extended today across all markets. 

Designed For Their Versatility Across All Markets

Specialty features have been introduced to Cable Ties over the years, including:
  • Colored Cable Ties, for color-coding and easy identification
  • Double-head or Dual-loop Ties, for holding 2 bundles in parallel or securing a bundle to an object
  • Releasable Cable Ties, for re-use and re-tightening capabilities
  • Mounting Hole Ties, for attaching wire bundles to panels
  • Identification Cable Ties, for labelling of bundles
  • Stainless Steel Ties, used in extreme temperature applications
  • Tamper-Evident Cable Ties, providing immediate visibility to security breaches
Cable Management products accessorize our Cable Tie line, and include such useful items as:
  • Cable Tie Mounts, used to secure wire bundles to a surface using an adhesive back or a screw
  • Identification Plates, allowing for larger print in identification of bundles
  • Cable Wrap and Split Loom, to hold and protect cables, harnesses and hoses
  • Cable Tie Installation & Removal Tools
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