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Sems Screws in Bulk

The use of washers in conjunction with screws has long been a staple of the manufacturing industry.  The ingenious idea of combing these 2 components into 1 pre-assembled unit represented the birth of the Sems Screw.  The free-spinning lock washer is captivated (held in place) onto the shank of the screw. This design eliminates the potential for dropped, lost, or forgotten parts in assembly processes, a huge time and money saver.  Sem Screws are an innovative, versatile fastener that has revolutionized manufacturing across a vast array of industries.



Find Sems Screws in the Style You Need!

Empire Bolt & Screw provides assembled screws and other fasteners for industrial applications. You can trust in the quality of our products for all your fastening and assembly applications. We offer endless possible combinations of inch and metric Sems Screws in zinc-plated steel or stainless-steel.
Use the product filters to find off the shelf options that meet your requirements or ask us about custom assembled screws for your specialty application. Available features for our industrial Sems Screws include:
  • Screw type: machine, self-tapping, self-drilling, thread forming, thread cutting
  • Head style: pan head, flat, button, round, oval, truss, binding, fillister, hex, hex washer
  • Drive style: slotted, Phillips, square, 6-lobe, one-way, Phillips/slot, Phillips/square
  • Lock Washer type: split, external tooth, internal tooth, square cone, double washer

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With an extensive selection of steel zinc and stainless-steel assembled screws to choose from, there’s no need to look elsewhere. Submit your quote request for bulk Sems Screws or contact us with any questions about our selection! Our team is here to help you find the best options for your fastening needs.