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Bulk & Customizable Sems Screws

The use of washers in conjunction with screws has long been a staple of the manufacturing industry.  The ingenious idea of combing these 2 components into 1 pre-assembled unit represented the birth of the Sems Screw.  The free-spinning lockwasher is captivated (held in place) onto the shank of the screw, thereby eliminating the potential for dropped, lost, or forgotten parts in assembly processes, a huge time and money saver.  This innovative, versatile fastener has revolutionized manufacturing across a vast array of industries.

There are endless possible combinations of Sems Screws available off the shelf or capable of being customized:
  • Screw type: machine, self-tapping, self-drilling, thread forming, thread cutting
  •  Head style: pan, flat, button, round, oval, truss, binding, fillister, hex, hex washer
  •  Drive style: slotted, Phillips, square, 6-lobe, one-way, Phillips/slot, Phillips/square
  • Lockwasher type: split, external tooth, internal tooth, square cone, double washer
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