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Metric Socket Shoulder Screws

Socket Shoulder Screws (also called Stripper Bolts or Axle Bolts) are unique fasteners that are commonly used as a bearing or spacer in numerous applications.  The smooth, unthreaded shoulder gives this screw its versatility by acting as a dowel or shaft for rotational items such as bushings, bearings, axles, guides, pulleys, gears or pivot points.  Socket Shoulder Screw sizes are identified by the shoulder diameter and length, not the actual threaded portion.  The modified fillister head diameter is roughly twice the head height.  The thread diameter is the next standard size down from that of the shoulder.  Hence, an M10 diamter Shoulder Screw will have a thread diameter of M8, an M8 diameter Shoulder Screw will have a thread diameter of M6, etc.  Based on the shoulder diameter, the thread length is held to a constant as well.

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