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Inspection Tools and Gauges for Quality Assurance and Dimensional Accuracy

At Empire Bolt & Screw, we pride ourselves on delivering Quality in all products we provide to our customer partners.  That means insuring dimensional accuracy on your standard and special parts. 

We Maintain A Wide Assortment Of Inspection Tools & Gages

Our in-house Quality Assurance Laboratory has the Inspection Tools & Gages to certify that your critical dimensions are achieved, thereby eliminating the concern of costly line-down incidents over failed parts.  We maintain a wide assortment of Inspection Tools & Gages, and regularly calibrate and certify their accuracy to precise industry standards.  We can also source Inspection Tools & Gages for your own internal QA departments.

Call Empire Bolt & Screw or send us a Request for Quote on your Inspection Tool & Gage needs today.