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Empire Bolt's In-House Quality Assurance Laboratory
Empire Bolt's In-House Quality Assurance Laboratory

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Empire Bolt & Screw was founded by Larry Stanley in 1972.  Spokane, Washington was the obvious choice for Larry’s new venture, as he was born and raised in a small farming town just outside the city.  Larry, his wife Beverly, and all 3 of their children worked at the newly minted Empire Bolt & Screw at one time or another.  It was the embodiment of a family business right from the start.

From its earliest beginnings, Empire Bolt & Screw embraced at its core the enduring business principles of integrity, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing.  The fact that Larry was indoctrinated into the International Fastener Expo’s Hall of Fame in 1991 is no coincidence; his industry colleagues and peers recognized his exemplary character.  Those philosophies that Larry first established ring true still today, with his eldest son Ron as the current owner and custodian of those longstanding values.  Honesty and fairness are not simply buzzwords to us; they inform every conversation, transaction, and negotiation here at Empire Bolt & Screw.

You would be hard-pressed to find a group of employees as dedicated and knowledgeable about the fastener industry as those here at Empire Bolt & Screw.  We want it to be a place where people love coming to work each day, and the amount of longevity in our employee base proves that we accomplish that. In addition to the lengthy, uninterrupted tenure of many of our staff, we also are proud that so many former employees who left for various reasons over the years chose to come back to work at Empire Bolt & Screw.  It tells us that we offer a working environment that is nurturing, rewarding, and many times just flat-out fun and exciting.

Continuing education is a critical requirement for all employees at Empire Bolt & Screw.  We firmly believe the value-add of a well-trained staff member is crucial to a customer’s success.  We strive for an average of 3% overall employee time to be spent in the pursuit of industry education.  That might include a vendor-sponsored training course on the correct choice of drill bit based on application; a Fastener Training Institute™ webinar on understanding fastener technical drawings or hydrogen embrittlement; or a professional consultant leading an in-house seminar on Lean Process Improvements.  We embrace all education that empowers and enlightens our staff, making them more valuable employees and well-rounded human beings.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Empire Bolt & Screw is solely about “bolts & screws”.  We are so much more than that.  We are able to provide technical assistance through our in-house Mechanical Engineer for any application issues you may be experiencing.   Our certified Quality Control Technicians can perform a full dimensional inspection of your critical part in our on-site Quality Assurance Laboratory.  Empire Bolt’s staff is uniquely experienced in streamlining your inventory system through time-proven processes such as Vendor Managed Inventory, Kanban or “Just In Time” systems.  Other options might include special kitting, labelling or custom packaging based on your individual marketing needs.  Empire Bolt & Screw is well positioned to be your intelligent partner in all these solutions and more. 

 Our extensive experience in the fastener industry and business world is proof positive that calling us or sending us a Request for Quote is the beginning of a solid working relationship that will benefit your company immeasurably.