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Industrial Abrasives, Sanding & Grinding Supplies

Industrial Abrasives are an essential and indispensable tool for sanding, buffing, polishing, grinding, and other forms of surface preparation.  Heavy-duty abrasives are found in virtually every manufacturing facility and come in a range of natural and synthetic materials. From sheets of sandpaper to wire wheel brushes, there’s an abrasive to handle any cleaning or finishing job.

Prep and Finish Any Surface with Heavy-Duty Abrasives

Empire Bolt & Screw stocks a full line of industrial abrasive sheets, rolls, wheels, belts, and brushes. We ship products within the U.S. and internationally and carry enough inventory to support large orders. Our company is privately owned, and our staff provides quick responses and full support to all our clients. Whatever your abrasive needs dictate, we can provide you the solutions you seek.

Our inventory of industrial-grade abrasives includes, but is not limited to:

  • industrial sanding belts, discs, pads, and sheets
  • heavy-duty flap wheels
  • industrial wire wheel brushes
  • abrasive polishing and buffing wheels
  • heavy-duty abrasive rolls
  • industrial cut-off wheels and grinding wheels
  • abrasive surface conditioning belts
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Types of Industrial Abrasives

Industrial grade abrasives have a wide variety of uses, from hand finishing a wood project to removing paint and rust from automotive parts. The type of abrasive required for your project depends on the material and the level of finishing needed. If you have questions regarding which industrial abrasive is best for your finishing needs, we’re here to help!
  • Coated abrasives are sheets of sandpaper with metal or paper backing—products under this category work best for hand finishing and light-duty surface preparation projects.
  • Bonded abrasives include your standard belts, discs, rolls, and wheels with a heavy-duty abrasive bonded to a hard surface. These products are used with electric finishing devices for more demanding surface prep and finishing jobs.
  • Wire wheel brushes have metal filament for aggressive cleaning, deburring, and finishing applications such as metalworking or automotive repair.