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Flat Head Socket Cap Screws, Inch

Flat Head Socket Screws, also known as flat head cap screws, are the fastener of choice in high precision, high strength assemblies requiring a finely tooled appearance. The V-shaped 82° head allows the screw to be countersunk into the mating surface material, affording a completely flush profile. Flat head socket screws' alloy composition and heat treatment result in exceptionally high tensile and yield strength. Because of these design advantages, flat head socket screws may be comparable in strength to the next larger diameter of a common, low-carbon steel flat head machine screw. The increased strength of flat head socket cap screws means fewer screws are required in some assemblies to achieve specific clamp loads, reducing weight and cost.

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Flat Head Socket Cap Screws

Flat head socket screws have a flat, countersunk head with a hexagonal socket for driving. After installation, they sit flush with the substrate's surface, providing a smooth finish. These screws offer reliable fastening and are available in various material and finish options.

Material & Finish Options for Flat Head Socket Cap Screws

Flat head socket cap screws are available in various materials and finish options for enhanced strength and corrosion resistance properties. Materials and finish options for flat head socket cap screws include:
  • 18.8 Stainless Steel Flat Head Socket Cap Screws
  • Black Oxide Finish for Flat Head Socket Cap Screws
  • Mechanical Zinc Finish for Flat Head Socket Cap Screws
  • Zinc/Bake Plating for Flat Head Socket Cap Screws

Industrial Applications for Flat Head Socket Cap Screws

Flat head socket screws are commonly used in industrial and commercial manufacturing applications. These screws are found in automotive components, aerospace equipment, metal fabrication applications, construction, and more. Flat head socket screws provide a flush and recessed finish, making them suitable for applications requiring a very low-profile and secure installation.

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