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Flat Head Metric Socket Screws

Flat Head Socket Screws are the fastener of choice for high-precision, high-strength assemblies. The V-shaped 82° head allows the screw to be countersunk into the mating surface material, creating a completely flush profile. Because of their alloy composition and heat treatment, these flathead metric socket screws feature extremely high tensile and yield strength. A given size of a Flat Head Socket Screw may be comparable in strength to the next larger diameter of a common, low-carbon steel flathead machine screw. This has the unique advantage of potentially fewer screws needed in a particular design to achieve specific clamp loads. Fewer screws = lighter assemblies and reduced cost.

Metric Flathead Socket Screws with Size, Material, & Plating Options

At Empire, we distribute metric flathead socket screws with a wide range of material, plating, and sizing options. From general industrial applications to heavy-duty fastening in harsh conditions, we can supply the best flathead socket screws in bulk for your application's requirements.

Material & Grade Options for Metric Flathead Socket Screws

Our selection of ready-to-ship socket screws includes material options that offer varying levels of strength and corrosion resistance. Our metric flathead socket screw material options include:
  • A2 Stainless Steel: A2 Stainless Steel features good strength and high corrosion resistance for harsh applications.
  • Grade 10.9 Steel: Grade 10.9 Steel is heat-treated and features high strength and durability, ideal for heavy-duty applications.
  • Grade 12.9 Steel: Grade 12.9 Steel is also heat-treated with a 20-25% tensile strength increase over Grade 10.9.

Coating Options for Flathead Metric Socket Screws

Our inventory of flathead socket screws also includes various finish options to protect against corrosion. Finish options include:
  • Black Oxide: Provides a layer of light protection against corrosion with a dark finish color
  • Mechanical Zinc: Provides increased corrosion resistance, acting as a sacrificial layer to protect the underlying material
  • Zinc-Bake: Offers even higher corrosion resistance for applications requiring exposure to harsh conditions

Why Order Your Metric Flathead Socket Screws Through Empire?

At Empire, we are dedicated to providing our customers with premium fastening products and exceptional service. Located in Spokane, Washington, we supply commercial and industrial customers nationwide with standard and customized fastening products in a wide range of industrial sectors. With fast shipping and repeat ordering options, Empire makes it easy to keep your fastener inventory fully stocked at an affordable cost.

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