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Stainless Steel Metric Hex Cap Screws

Stainless steel metric hex cap screws are utilized in environments where corrosion is a factor, such as harsh outdoor elements or marine environments.  The 2 most commonly produced metric stainless classes are A2 Stainless, equivalent to 304 Stainless, and A4 Stainless, equivalent to 316 Stainless. 

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Benefits of Stainless Steel Metric Hex Cap Screws

Metric Stainless Steel Hex Cap Screws are very common fasteners found in manufacturing, repair and construction industries worldwide.  They are used to fasten 2 or more parts together in an assembly that may require future repair or maintenance disassembly.  Their six-sided hex head allows for a more substantial bearing and wrenching surface than what socket products or machine screws can provide, thereby making them the clear choice in many complex and heavy duty applications.