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Sherex™ Rivet Nut Threaded Inserts at Empire Bolt & Screw

Sherex™ Rivet Nut Threaded Inserts offer an ideal product line for providing a threaded attachment point in many types of plastics, including Thermoplastic, SMC, Thermoset and other brittle plastics.  Industries that commonly employ these brass inserts include electronics, hydraulics, automotive and furniture manufacturing.  Whether the installation hole is straight or tapered, Sherex™ has a Rivet Nut Threaded Insert for your specific application. 
Some of the popular features of Sherex™ Rivet Nut Threaded Inserts include:
  • Opposing diagonal knurls for exceptional torque resistance
  • Self-aligning lead-in for accurate installation
  • Flanged or un-flanged collars, depending on your bearing surface properties or flush-mount requirements
  • A variety of installation methods available, including ultrasonic, heat, molded in place or pressed in
Sherex™ Rivet Nut Threaded Inserts allow great flexibility for providing versatile, threaded options in your plastic application. Available in a wide range of diameters and lengths, both inch and metric, you are sure to find a solution for producing a threaded hole where needed. 

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