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Anti-Theft Tamper Resistant Security Screws

Vandal-resistant tamperproof security screws have been designed to prevent & significantly hinder the potential for vandalism & interference with public fixtures. Their varied and unique drive styles require a specific, unusual driver to loosen the screws. These drivers use non-standard screwdrivers, ensuring that exposed fasteners and public fixtures remain undisturbed. Anti-theft drive styles include Snake Eyes Spanner, Hex Pin, Torx Pin, Triangle Drive, and One Way Drive. Our tamper-resistant screws are available in various screw types, head styles, and materials.

Inch & Metric Anti-Theft Security Screws

Empire Bolt & Screw distributes a wide selection of tamper-resistant security screws. Our anti-theft screws are available in metric and inch sizing options, with various materials and finishes available. Not sure which tamper-resistant security screws you need? Contact our office today to learn more!

Tamper Resistant Screw Head & Drive Options

We distribute security screws in various socket head options. Socket screws feature high precision and strength, making them ideal for security screws. All tamper-resistant screws are available with Hex Pin, Torx Pin, One Way Drive, Triangle Drive, and Snake Eyes Spanner drive types.
  • Socket Head Cap Screws: Powerful and low-profile socket head cap screws provide a precision fastening solution for tamper-resistant applications.
  • Button Head Socket Screws: The rounded “button” heads have a broader bearing surface than standard socket head cap screws and reduce the potential for snagging.
  • Flat Head Socket Screws: The flat head socket is designed to sit flush or just below the substrate surface in a countersunk hole, leaving a clean finished appearance.

Anti-Theft Screw Material & Finish Options

Our anti-theft security screws are available in two material options:
  • Carbon Steel with Black Oxide Coating: Good strength, moderate corrosion resistance
  • 18.8 Stainless Steel: High strength, improved corrosion resistance

Your Source for Bulk Vandal-Resistant Security Screw Orders

At Empire Bolt & Screw, we take every measure to provide you with the necessary resources for your job. Located in Spokane, Washington, we have been supplying customers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond with fasteners and industrial products for over 50 years.
We offer special wholesale pricing on bulk orders for our fastening products, including our top-quality security screws. We also offer specialized customization services, providing custom-machined parts and fasteners for any application.

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Questions about our vandal-resistant fasteners? Contact us online or call (509)534-0636, and our team will gladly assist you in finding the best fastening products for your application. You can also request for quote today for pricing information on bulk ordering.