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Nylon Insert (Metric) Locknuts

Nylon Insert (Metric) Locknuts, also called Nyloc Nuts, are a type of hex locknut featuring a nylon insert at the top of the threads, creating a tight grip on the bolt or screw. This grip helps to prevent the fastener from loosening due to vibration or other external force. Nylon Insert Locknuts are a versatile and reliable fastener option well-suited for a wide range of applications with a secure connection.

Empire is Your Source for Nylon Insert Locknuts

Questions about our Nylon Insert Locknuts? Contact us, and our staff will happily assist in finding the best fasteners for your application. We also distribute Nylon Insert Locknuts in inch sizing. Empire Bolt & Screw is your trusted source for premium Nylon Insert Locknuts.


Nylon Insert Locknut Industrial Applications

Because Nylon Insert Locknuts are versatile with excellent fastening strength, they are used in many industrial applications. The internal diameter of the nylon material in the collar is slightly smaller than the nut thread’s minor diameter. Once the external threads of the mated part come in contact with the Nylon Insert Locknut’s nylon collar, a tight, frictional fit is created between the threads, thus restricting the loosening of the fastened parts under vibrational forces. This resistance to loosening due to vibration makes Nylon Insert Locknuts popular fasteners for automotive, construction, mechanical, manufacturing, and many more industrial applications.

Nylon Insert Locknut Material & Finish Options

Empire Bolt & Screw distributes Nylon Insert Locknuts with various material and finish options for strength and corrosion resistance. Material and finish options for Nylon Insert Locknuts include:

  • Stainless Steel

  • Zinc Yellow Finish

  • Zinc Cr+3 Finish

Order Nylon Insert Locknuts from Empire

Empire Bolt & Screw has been distributing premium quality fasteners to customers for over 50 years. Located in Spokane, Washington, we operate our company on the principle of integrity while striving to offer our customers exceptional service and competitive pricing. At Empire, we provide technical assistance through our in-house Mechanical Engineer for any application issues you may be experiencing. Our certified Quality Control Technicians can perform a full dimensional inspection of your critical part in our on-site Quality Assurance Laboratory. 
We also offer Vendor Managed Inventory services, so you don’t need to worry about maintaining your supply of fasteners. We also offer specialized customization services, producing custom-machined parts and fasteners for any application. At Empire Bolt & Screw, we take every measure to provide you with the necessary resources for your job. At Empire Bolt & Screw, we go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive the care and resources they need.

Bulk Ordering for Nylon Insert Locknuts from Empire

Looking for bulk or repeat orders of Nylon Insert Locknuts? Empire Bolt & Screw has you covered. We offer volume discount pricing for bulk orders of Nylon Insert Locknuts. Request a quote for more information on pricing for bulk ordering Nylon Insert Locknuts.

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