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Wholesale Particle Board Screws

The family of products commonly identified as “particle board” or “chip board” actually encompasses a range of wood composite materials.  Particle Board, OSB (Oriented Strand Board), MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), and Plywood all refer to specific and quite different forms of wood composites.  However dissimilar these materials may be, they all present a common challenge in fastening: insuring that screws are capable of securely seating into the dense, highly compressed board without causing damage to the material.  

Features of Particle Board Screws

Particle Board (MDF) Screws provide unique features that accomplish this task handily:
  • an extremely sharp point that easily pierces and penetrates the board surface to begin the hole
  • deep, sharp, widely spaced threads that anchor the screw firmly within the composite layers of resin and wood fibers
  • a bugle head that countersinks fully into the board for a 100% flush mount
  • black phosphate coating that provides sufficient lubrication to insure a smooth drilling
Wood screws should never be used in particle board – always choose Particle Board (MDF) Screws for ultimate fastening success.

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