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Solid Rivets at Empire Bolt & Screw

Solid Rivets are one of the oldest types of fasteners in existence.  Archeological digs from the Bronze Age have uncovered evidence of Solid Rivet use from 4000 years ago.  This certainly is testimony to their enduring value and tamper-proof reliability in applications needing a permanently fastened joint.  Solid Rivets come in a variety of head styles to suit your clearance specifications: flat, button, round, pan and truss are the most common.  They can be manufactured in many materials including steel, copper, aluminum, brass and stainless steel.

Solid Rivets can provide one of the fastest installation capabilities of any fastening system.  Impact rivet installation systems can install at speeds of less than half a second per rivet, making this one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods for joining materials of varying thickness.  Industries served by the use of Solid Rivets include aircraft, buildings, cranes, bridges, and even the clothing industry (think of rivets in jeans).  

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