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Heavy-Duty Tapes for Industrial and Manufacturing Applications

Tapes are a fundamental component of our everyday world.  Whether found in industrial or manufacturing applications, on a construction site, or in the homeowners' tool drawer, tapes are everywhere and used by everyone.  Popular uses for industrial tapes include:
  • Insulating electrical wires and cabling
  • Sealing boxes, bags, and other packaging  
  • Wrapping ductwork
  • Improving visibility and safety
  • Sealing out moisture and debris

We Have the Right Industrial Grade Tapes for All Your Projects Needs

Empire Bolt & Screw provides a full line of premier brand tapes for every use imaginable. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and a fast quote turnaround to get your shipment to you quickly.  Our inventory of heavy-duty industrial tape includes the following:
  • Adhesive Transfer tape
  • Anti-slip tape
  • Duct & cloth tape
  • Electrical tape
  • Filament & Packing tape
  • Film, Foam, & Foil tape
  • Masking tape
  • Safety/Reflective tape
  • Transfer tape
Whatever your tape needs may be, we can supply it today or source it for you. Send us a Request for Quote for the industrial tapes that meet your requirements or contact us for more information.

Find the Right Heavy-Duty Tape for Your Industrial Application


Adhesive Transfer Tape

This pressure-sensitive tape has a thin layer of adhesive on a release liner. Use adhesive transfer tape for permanent, light or heavy-duty bonding and mounting on a range of surfaces.

Anti-Slip Tape

The rough, textured surface of this industrial tape creates traction on slippery surfaces. Use anti-slip safety tape on floors, stairs, ramps, or anywhere else requiring additional slip-and-fall prevention.

Duct & Cloth Tape

These industrial tapes have water-resistant adhesive and are highly flexible and durable. Duct tape and cloth tape work well for a broad range of industrial sealing, wrapping, patching, and bundling applications.

Electrical Tape

The flexibility of this vinyl tape makes it ideal for wrapping and insulating wires and cables in electrical applications. Electrical tape comes in standard black or a range of bright colors for color-coding wiring.

Filament & Packing Tape

Pressure-sensitive filament and packing tape is reinforced to securely close boxes and bundle packages. Use this heavy-duty sealing tape for all your packaging needs.

Film, Foam, & Foil Tape

This grouping of industrial tapes carries insulative properties for use in a range of applications. Pressure-sensitive foam tape comes in open cell and closed cell styles for cushioning, padding, insulation, gaskets, and more. We also carry several varieties of flexible foil tape for sealing insulation or patching and insulating HVAC ductwork. Use poly film tapes in insulating applications for electronic appliances.

Masking Tape

Highly versatile and durable, masking tape has a paper-like texture that tears easily by hand. Use this pressure-sensitive tape to mask off areas for painting and improvement projects. The writeable surface also makes masking tape useful for labeling boxes and storage bins.

Safety/Reflective Tape

Light bounces off this reflective tape to increase visibility in the dark or low lighting. Apply industrial safety tape in loading docks, manufacturing facilities, or anywhere you need to mark hazards and safety areas.

Industrial Transfer Tape

This double-sided tape adheres quickly to plastic, paper, foam board, and other lightweight surfaces. Use transfer tape to attach tags or signage to warehouse racking or in print assembly and framing applications.