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Serrated Flange Hex Locknuts at Empire Bolt & Screw

Serrated Flange Hex Locknuts are a 1-piece, all metal locknut with a flanged bearing surface.  This bearing surface has circular serrations that radiate out.  The nut free-spins onto the opposing external threads, and once the serrated flange contacts the mating surface, the serrations cut into and displace the mating material upon tightening.  The serrated flange teeth create a ratchet-type locking mechanism that is resistant to vibrational and other loosening forces.  The flange eliminates the need for a washer or lock washer, and serves to distribute the bearing load over a greater area.  Because of its all-metal construction, it is ideal in high temperature or chemical applications, where nylon insert locknuts might become compromised.  Serrated Flange Hex Locknuts are available in various materials and finishes. 
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