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Serrated Flange Hex Locknuts

Serrated Flange Hex Locknuts are a 1-piece, all-metal locknut with a flanged bearing surface.  This bearing surface has circular serrations that radiate out.  The nut free-spins onto the opposing external threads, and once the serrated flange contacts the mating surface, the serrations cut into and displace the mating material upon tightening.

Our selection of serrated flange hex nuts is available in zinc and stainless steel plating options and comes in a range of standard and metric sizes. Request a quote on all metal lock nuts today or give us a call at 509-534-0636

All-Metal Flange Lock Nuts for High Temp & Chemical Applications

The serrated flange teeth on these all-metal locknuts allow for a ratchet-type locking mechanism that provides excellent holding power in environments where vibrations may be present. Additional benefits of serrated flange nuts include:
  • All-metal construction is resistant to high temperatures & chemicals
  • Resistant to vibrational and other loosening forces
  • Flange eliminates the need for a washer or lock washer
  • Bearing load is distributed over a greater area
While all-metal lock nuts are the ideal choice for high-temperature or chemical environments, we also supply a variety of nylon insert lock nuts, which provide a cost-effective and secure fastening solution for applications that require mass-produced nuts. Contact us for help determining the best type of self-locking nut for your needs.

Receive High-Quality Serrated Flange Nuts from Empire Bolt & Screw

Empire Bolt & Screw will work with you to find the optimal nuts, bolts, or screws for your application requirements. Browse our wide selection of standard and semi-standard fasteners or request a quote on the serrated flange hex locknuts you need. Contact us for more information.