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Self-Drilling (Tek) Screws with Bonded Washers

Metal roofing, siding, and pole barn installations present some unique and critical requirements in the fasteners they employ.  Self-Drilling (Tek) Screws with Neobonded Sealing Washers check the boxes for “fit and function” in all these applications.

Features of Self-Drilling Tek Screws with Bonded Washers

The self-drilling point eliminates the need for a pre-drilled hole or pilot hole, as the drill point drills its own hole into the base metal.  The wide bearing surface of the captivated washer assists in evenly spreading the load over a greater area, reducing the potential of pull-through and increasing the required spacing between screws, meaning fewer screws.  And the neobonded EPDM washer provides a water-tight seal between the panel and the screw, insuring no environmental breach occurs.  They are available in a wide range of diameters, lengths, materials and corrosion-resistant coatings.