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Large Flange Rivets at Empire Bolt & Screw

Large Flange Blind Rivets are tubular fasteners intended for installations where only 1 side of the joined component is accessible, hence the term “blind”.  The rivet is inserted into a pre-drilled hole in each of the parts to be joined, and a special tool is used to draw the rivet mandrel up through the body of the rivet.  The blind rivet end expands and deforms around the blind side of the component and the mandrel snaps off and is discarded, leaving a clean, finished look to the joint.  As the name suggests, Large Flange Rivets possess a wider flange than regular flange blind rivets, and thus provide a greater surface area over which to spread the rivet’s bearing load.  This results in a reduction of the number of rivets required for any given installation, saving time, money, and weight.  Large Flange Rivets come in a wide range of material combinations for both the rivet body and the mandrel:  Steel Rivet/Steel Mandrel, Aluminum/Steel, Stainless/Steel, Stainless/Stainless, and Aluminum/Aluminum.  Large Flange Rivets are available in a vast array of diameters and grip ranges, depending on the thickness of the final joint.

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