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All Metal Locknuts at Empire Bolt & Screw

Nuts are prevalent in virtually every manufacturing, industrial, and construction setting in the world today.  However, there are many forces at play in these industries that would cause loosening of nuts and potential catastrophic failure of installations were it not for the presence of Lock Nuts.  Lock Nuts possess some type of feature that prevents the nut’s internal threads from becoming unscrewed from the mated external threads.  All Metal Locknuts may employ one of two methods as the locking feature:
  1. Prevailing Torque:  a unique design feature of the locknut creates friction between the internal nut threads and those of the externally threaded mating part, thereby increasing the force needed in both loosening and tightening the nut.  2 common types of nut in this family include Grade C Crown Locknuts and Grade A Reversible Locknuts.
  2. Surface Bearing:  a free spinning nut requiring tightening against a bearing surface in order for the nut’s locking mechanism to function.  2 types of nut in this family are Serrated Flange Hex Locknuts and Keps Style Locknuts.
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