Empire Bolt & Screw is an experienced provider of fastener kitting & packaging services to help streamline your production process. Whether you need fasteners packaged in boxes or anti-static bags, we have the solution you need to maintain consistency and efficiency on the manufacturing floor. Some examples of custom kits we’ve done in the past include:
  • Entry-door installation kits
  • Locomotive/engine heating unit installation kits
  • Boat trailer assembly kits
  • Installation kits for point of use
With over 49 years in business, Empire Bolt & Screw is more than qualified to take care of all your kitting & packaging needs. Our in-house engineer and technical staff are available to assist you in finding the solution best suited to your operational demands. Interested in learning more about our custom services? Give us a call at 509-534-0636.

Fastener Kitting Advantages

Fastener kitting is the process of packaging the fastening components needed to assemble a specific unit. By presenting components in an organized manner, custom kits can help you save time and money. From design to distribution, custom kitting has advantages for several aspects of your company’s operation:

In the Warehouse

Kitting allows for more organization and control over your inventory. Materials are delivered to operators as needed, which cuts out the additional expenses required to warehouse extra parts and components.

On the Manufacturing Floor

Kitting creates a streamlined manufacturing process. Not only does it eliminate the time it takes to pull all the different parts for a specific project, but it also helps to speed up production cycles and allows for a more efficient use of space.

For Supply Chain Management

Rather than having to ship each part individually, kits allow you to ship multiple materials for one unit all at once. Not only will this cut down on the time and costs associated with shipping, but it also reduces the amount of waste that would otherwise be necessary to separately package various parts.  

Custom Labeling for Fastener Assemblies

Empire Bolt & Screw offers custom labeling services to give your fastener assemblies a clean and consistent look, whether in the storeroom or on the manufacturing floor. Our custom labeling capabilities can be used to add company logos, custom graphics, parts numbers, product tracking, UPC labels, and more.

Your Source for Custom Kitting & Packaging Services

We look forward to discussing how our custom fastener kitting and packaging solutions can meet your needs. Our highly qualified technical staff is available to answer any questions you may have. Contact us or request a quote today to get started.