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Electronics Standoffs and Spacers

Empire Bolt & Screw offers Standoffs and Spacers in a wide range of standard and metric diameters, lengths, configurations.  Material options include Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Nylon and Brass, with a variety of finishes. We stock an impressively large inventory of electronic hardware and offer custom Standoffs and Spacers for OEM applications.



Standoffs and Spacers for All Your Electronic Assembly Needs

Unthreaded Spacer Features

Select from Round Pattern Spacers with a smooth surface and design for hand tightening, or Hex Pattern Spacers with six-sided design for improved grip and easier tightening.  Additional style options include:
  • Swaged: feature a swage portion for insertion into a board
  • Unswaged: standard design without a swage end

Threaded Standoff Features

Choose from hex pattern or round pattern Standoffs with the following thread options:
  • Male-Female: have one externally threaded and one internally threaded end for fastening versatility.  
  • Female-Female: feature two internally threaded ends for assembly to male threaded electronic fasteners.
  • Male-Male: feature externally threaded ends for fastening to other hardware or insertion in a part. 
Not just unique to the electronics world, Standoffs and Spacers are found in virtually every industry, fulfilling the role of washers, pivot points, coupling nuts or bearings. Call Empire Bolt & Screw or Request for Quote on your Standoff and Spacer needs today.