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Standoffs and Spacers

Standoffs and spacers are critical hardware elements in all electronic applications, allowing for the attachment and stacking of components to one another for airflow and heat dissipation.  They can also aid in the channeling of wires for untangled connections.  Empire Bolt & Screw offers Standoffs and Spacers in a wide range of diameters, lengths, configurations, materials and finishes.
Spacer features:
  •  Hex pattern
  •  Round pattern
  •  Swaged
  •  Unswaged
Standoff features:
  • Hex Pattern
  • Round Pattern
  • Male-Female
  • Female-Female
  • Male-Male

Empire Bolt & Screw’s Standoffs and Spacers Are Available In A Variety Of Materials

Often the terms Standoffs and Spacers are used interchangeably, however Spacers are typically unthreaded while Standoffs are more commonly threaded through the entire length of the component.  Empire Bolt & Screw’s Standoffs and Spacers are available in a variety of materials, with Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Nylon and Brass being the most common materials found.  Not just unique to the electronics world, Standoffs and Spacers may be found in virtually every industry, perhaps fulfilling the role of washers, pivot points, coupling nuts or bearings

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