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Jack Screws at Empire Bolt & Screw

Jack Screws are a staple of the electronic and computer worlds.  They are typically used to secure D-subminiature cable connectors to their mated component.  This type of electronic hardware is also a critical fastener in multi-layer PCBs used to secure two components while maintaining a specific distance between them for heat dissipation. Jack Screws are capable of low, medium and heavy load-bearing capacities, based on application requirements. 

Create Spacing and Secure Electronic Connections with Jack Screws

Empire Bolt & Screw offers electronic hardware in standard and metric sizes and a range of materials. Our Jack Screws feature a 3/16” hex diameter male-female standoff with a 3/16” hex length and 4-40 internal and external threads.  The male threaded external portion is available in a variety of standard lengths ranging from 3/16” to 3/4”. 
Options include:
  • 303 Stainless Steel Jack Screws
  • Zinc-Plated Steel Jack Screws
  • Yellow Zinc-Plated Steel Jack Screws
  • Aluminum Jack Screws
  • Brass Jack Screws
In today’s world of the ever-present computer, Jack Screws are a critical workhorse providing secure fastening to keep us all confidently connected. Call Empire Bolt & Screw to discuss electronic hardware options or send us a Request for Quote on your Jack Screw needs today.