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Wood Screws in Bulk

While there are multitudes of screws that may be utilized in joining wood to wood, Wood Screws are the original design and still often preferred over some of the newer, more specialized construction screws.  These new designs are often intended for specific applications, and may not be well-suited in wood to wood joints.  Wood Screws possess a tapered body, deep, coarse threads, and an unthreaded portion of the screw shank designed to tightly pull the 2 wood components together.  Because of the relatively beefy body diameter, it may be advisable to pre-drill holes for Wood Screws in hardwoods to prevent splitting.  If, in the name of time-savings, one chooses to employ a drywall screw or some other type of pierce-point fastener in place of a true Wood Screw in hardwoods, they may be looking at snapped heads.  Hardwoods are simply too dense for drywall screws.  This is where Wood Screws gain their traction.  They are available in a vast range of diameters, lengths, head & drive styles, materials, and finishes.

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