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AVK Threaded Inserts at Empire Bolt & Screw

AVK is the premier designer of Blind Threaded Inserts.  Their patented Spinwall Technology™ cold-forms the Threaded Inserts to precise tolerances, allowing AVK to produce products with unique mechanical and installation properties.
Here are a few reasons why AVK’s Threaded Inserts are “Improving The Way We Assemble The World”:
  • Material Thickness:  Material thickness is constantly being reduced to save weight, fuel and raw material costs.  Fastening to thin materials is simple and reliable with AVK Threaded Inserts.  They can easily be installed into thinner materials with greater ease than weld nuts, clinch nuts, self-tapping, or thread forming screws.
  • Blind Installation:  New material structures (hydro-formed tubing, aluminum extrusions and composite panels) are being specified due to their strength to weight ratios.  These materials form blind applications and are ideal for AVK Threaded Inserts.
  • Neat and Clean:  Welding and weld fasteners are being replaced with AVK Threaded Inserts due to health and clean air requirements for workers. Weld fasteners can also burn away pre-applied galvanized finishes, and pre-painted materials cannot be used with weld fasteners as the paint prevents weld nut attachment.  AVK Threaded Inserts can be utilized with pre-galvanized and pre-painted materials, thus vastly increasing efficiencies.
Whatever your application, AVK offers a Threaded Insert that will solve your problem. 

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