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Custom Threaded Inserts

When machine screw threads are required on a surface that cannot otherwise or easily be tapped, Threaded Inserts provide an excellent option. They also are an ideal solution when an existing internal thread in an application becomes stripped and unusable.  There are inserts for virtually every material imaginable, be it steel, aluminum, plastic, or wood. 

We Offer the Following Types of Custom Threaded Inserts:

Custom Threaded Inserts Come In Many Shapes, Sizes, Materials, and Finishes

They may be drilled in, molded-in, self-tapped in, heat inserted, or simply pressed into place.  While many Threaded Inserts are capable of being installed with standard drills and taps, some specialty Threaded Inserts do require their own unique installation tool, and we can provide those to you as well. 

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