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Jennifer Sturm, the COO of Empire Bolt & Screw, Inc. Jennifer Sturm, the COO of Empire Bolt & Screw, Inc.

Empire Bolt was selected as a finalist for the 2021 Family Owned Business Award Finalist for 'Excellence in Family-Owned Business Award'

Employees participating in a monthly online Industry Training Course Employees participating in a monthly online Industry Training Course

Empire Bolt's Certified Fastener Specialist™ Graduates Empire Bolt's Certified Fastener Specialist™ Graduates

Empire Bolt & Screw Chief Operating Officer Featured in Fastener Engineering Magazine

Chief Operating Officer at Empire Bolt & Screw Pioneers Companywide Growth & Development

Jennifer Sturm, Chief Operating Officer at Empire Bolt & Screw, was recently featured in Fastener Engineering Magazine for her contributions as a female leader within Fastener Industry. Sturm, who initially interviewed for a job at Empire Bolt back in 1997 as a favor to a friend in recruiting, quickly fell in love with the team, customers, and the overall integrity of the company. During her first 6 months working in Sales, she can recall taking materials home every night to study. “’ At the time, there were very few women in the industry,’” she shares, “’ and I knew I had to know more than most of the men to be taken seriously.’”

By 2004, Sturm had transitioned out of Sales and was working as Empire’s Operations Manager, eventually assuming her role as COO in 2020. The driving force behind her work is her passion for learning. “In this industry,” she says, “the learning is contagious.” She recently earned her Master of Arts, with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership, Strategic, and Organizational Communications. She has also served as the VP of the Board of Directors for the Fastener Training Institute.

As COO, Sturm is dedicated to fostering companywide growth and development and has remained a leading force behind our continuing education and training initiatives for employees. “’ The more you’re exposed to new ideas, applications, and products, the better,’” she says, “’ because even with fasteners, the technology is evolving.’”

Sturm has remained an integral part of the team at Empire Bolt & Screw for more than 25 years now. To what does she owe her commitment? She answers, “The people! Those at Empire, for sure, but also within the industry… I’m so fortunate to be a part of it.’”

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Empire Bolt Selected as a Finalist for 'Excellence in Family-Owned Business Award'

Empire Bolt & Screw is proud to have been selected as one of only 3 finalists in the "Excellence in Family-Owned Business Award" as presented by the Association of Washington Business. The winner will be announced at their annual Evening of Excellence in November 2021.

We are proud of our family history and our deep roots to the Spokane and Greater Inland Northwest communities, and we thank all of our loyal customers for supporting Empire Bolt over our 49 year history.

Continuing Education and Ongoing Training at Empire Bolt & Screw

At Empire Bolt & Screw, we take very seriously the importance of Continuing Education and Ongoing Training for all our staff.  Our goal is to elevate our staff’s technical understanding and expertise of our product line, thereby providing exceptional value-add to our Customer Partners.
We hold monthly in-house webinar trainings for the entire staff hosted online by Fastener Training Institute®, an industry leader providing in-depth fastener product and technical training presented by recognized industry experts.  Past topics have included “Understanding Fastener Technical Drawings”, “Vibration-Resistant Fastening”, “IFI Critical Fastener Facts Every Supplier Should Know”, and “Corrosion Resistant Fastening”. 
We are proud that 6 of our staff hold the distinguished honor of having been awarded the Certified Fastener Specialist™ title, after undergoing a week-long intensive technical training program and passing a final exam. Class requirements for the challenging CFS™ designation include:
  • Fastener Manufacturing Plant Tour
  • Fastener Secondary Processes Plant Tour
  • Fastener Specifications & Terminology
  • Understanding the Bolted Joint
  • Dimensional & Material Specifications
  • Fastener Quality Assurance
  • Fastener Testing
We congratulate all our CFS™ Graduates and applaud their desire for continued growth and learning!